Preventing deaths from infection and tackling antimicrobial resistance by supporting and accrediting effective antimicrobial stewardship programmes globally

Supporting healthcare organizations to build and sustain robust and measurable AMS programmes, and to contribute to local, national, and global data collection and surveillance.

Contributing to fulfilment of national and World Health Organisation AMR Action Plan goals through the development of accredited Antimicrobial Stewardship Centres of Excellence

We have developed accreditation standards for hospital practice drawing on published checklists and standards from across the globe.

GAMSAS is led by Dr Jacqueline Sneddon, Programmes Manager, an antimicrobial pharmacist with 20 years’ experience in stewardship and Dr David Jenkins, Consultant Microbiologist and BSAC President with expertise in infection prevention and diagnostic laboratory practice.

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Organisations working towards accreditation

University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust

Country: United Kingdom   •   WHO Region: Europe


Country: United Arab Emirates   •   WHO Region: Africa

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

Country: United Kingdom   •   WHO Region: Europe