Preventing deaths from infection and tackling antimicrobial resistance by supporting and accrediting effective antimicrobial stewardship programmes globally

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GAMSAS is a sustainable, points-based accreditation scheme developed by BSAC that aims to drive and spread improvements in antimicrobial stewardship (AMS) in healthcare settings. Effective AMS programmes deliver benefits for patients, clinical teams and provider organizations by ensuring optimal use of antibiotics for high quality care. The GAMSAS Standards have been developed utilising published standards and guidance on antimicrobial stewardship (AMS) from across the world to provide a framework for assessing the structures and processes within a healthcare organization. Accreditation awards last for 3 years and BSAC will provide support for improvement actions during the period between accreditation submissions.

The main focus of the Standards is an organisation’s AMS activities, but they also include standards for organisational governance as well as the supporting Microbiology laboratory and Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) services. Each section of the Standards have four sections covering the following: Structures, Guidance, Education and Surveillance. Each standard requires supporting evidence documents to provide assurance that it has been met.

To support improvement in all health economies core standards to achieve level 1 accreditation have been defined as well as supplementary standards which if met will allow organisations to progress through quality improvement activities to levels 2 and 3. Ultimately organisations may become a Centre of Excellence actively supporting others in their region to implement AMS. For non-UK applicants the national AMS landscape within the country will be considered within the process since this will influence the resources available for potential development of AMS and therefore the level of accreditation that can be achieved.

Accreditation involves an initial screening stage to ensure an organisation can fully engage with the GAMSAS process then the BSAC team will formally engage the client organisation via a contract and assign an external assessor. Following acceptance and contracting the BSAC team will provide access to on-line self-assessment questionnaires and evidence upload facility. Once these are completed a draft report will be created and a hospital site visit organised for two assessors to meet with the AMS team, IPC and laboratory leads, hospital management and clinical teams.

Please note:  if your organisation is considering joining GAMSAS it is important that you have management support and an established hospital AMS programme.


The cost for accreditation is £3,500 plus travel expenses for the hospital visit. For overseas hospitals we will utilise in-country assessors where possible to minimise costs.
If you meet our criteria for acceptance into GAMSAS but you do not have funding available for the process costs, in some cases we may consider providing this funding. This option is intended for hospitals in low- and middle-income countries.

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(Note that during the next stage of the screening process you will be required to provide a letter from your organisation confirming this authority).


Please complete all questions and the GAMSAS team will be in touch within 4-8 weeks to let you know if your organization is successful in moving to the next stage. We may require to organize a virtual meeting to clarify details of your AMS programme.

If you have any questions about completing the screening questionnaire or about GAMSAS in general, please contact